Weekly Roundup – 2nd to 8th April

let's all (3)

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.”

– Abigail Adams

In today’s world of information overload, we might miss something worthwhile. Every week, I’ll be flagging some of the articles I have read, which I found interesting, for you. Here’s the roundup for the week:

  1. Written by Whitney Bauck, this article speaks about the gender disparity in fashion photography and the need for the industry to actively push for more women behind the lens.
  2. The Jordan Times speaks about how even within the context of extremism, women are treated differently and are usually perceived to have made their decision to join extremism because they were manipulated by men, were driven by maternal instinct, or were ‘monsters affected by mental disorders.
  3. Anoosh Chakelian, for the New Statesman talks about how to respond to people who try to ‘mansplain’ away the gender gap by referring to common quotes of that community including people who say ‘men are just more biologically competent than women’
  4. Israel has banned anti gender discrimination advertisements within its airports, according to this article. The billboards spoke about how women cannot be forced to move seats because ultra-Orthodox men refused to sit with them, and told women to ‘keep their seats’.

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